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Sony FX3 Rig and Review in 2023 (v3.0 Firmware)

Sony FX3 Rig and Review in 2023 (v3.0 Firmware)
Photo by Danny Gan / Unsplash

The Sony FX3 is not only a powerful tool for professional videographers and filmmakers but also an excellent option for travelers who want to capture high-quality footage in a compact body. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, which is great when traveling to different locations.

The camera's full-frame sensor and 4K (and with the new firmware v3.0 4K-DCI and true-24fps) video recording capabilities allow you to capture stunning and detailed footage of the places you visit. The fast autofocus system and in-body image stabilization ensure that your footage is sharp and steady (at least more steady, it still requires a gimbal for really smooth footage). The active stabilization mode is also step up, but still not quite as good as a gimbal. Also with the addition of the lens/focus breathing compensation with Sony lenses that really improves the usability with certain lenses (looking at you 35mm GM f1.4).

Another great feature of the Sony FX3 for travel is its low-light performance. When traveling, you're often faced with a range of lighting conditions that you don't control. The FX3's dual-base ISO (800 and 12800) setting allow you to capture clear and detailed footage even in dimly lit environments. This is especially useful when traveling to places like museums, churches, or markets, where lighting may vary.... The lack of built in ND filters is a downside and can make managing bright scenes difficult... but this can be quickly fixed with the add on of a variable ND. We have used the ones from polar-pro and B&W which limit color cast. My current favorite is the Recon by Polar Pro paired with the 16-35mm GM (for any other lens that is not a 82mm thread you can use step-up rings).

The FX3 features are also beneficial for travel. The camera's dual SD card slots allow for easy backup and transfer of footage, so you can always keep two copies (We also recommend carrying an SSD for offload while traveling). Additionally The Sony FX3 comes with a removable top handle that features two XLR + one 3.5mm stereo input, making it a great option for connecting professional mics. There is also some nice bump from 2 channel 16-bit audio up to (2 or 4) channel 24-bit 48khz audio. 24-bit audio has significantly better dynamic range and being able to capture from two lavs and two XLR (or one stereo mic) is great.

Overall, the Sony FX3 is an excellent camera for travelers who want to capture high-quality video footage of their adventures. Its compact and lightweight design, powerful features and the ability to add and remove

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