Media Storage and Organization for Creators

Media Storage and Organization for Creators

Organizing your footage, photos, and other digital media after a day out is always a chore. We made this video
6 min read
Ben and Kayla in front of cabin

Getting away to Asheboro: Our weekend in a getaway cabin.

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time in the Asheboro area and stay in a small cabin in Asheboro and we wanted to share a few tips and recommendations.
7 min read
Sunrise over Blue Ridge Mountains

Travel the Blue Ridge Mountains

In this post we wanted to share our experiences in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a few places we particularly enjoyed. We will give a few of our recommendations up front if you are planning on visiting this area!
5 min read
Waterfalls and man in Red jacket

2021 Iceland Recommendations

Our first trip to Iceland was an amazing adventure, and we have some recommendations we want to share with those planning trips to Iceland
10 min read